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Hourglass Decomposition

The wood on top is a female body decomposing. The bottom piece appears fragile in comparison, not strong enough to support the body. A representation of me holding up the severe trauma of losing my Mom which weighed me down. She was missing for a year and then found in an abandoned house. The detectives gave me an unnecessary visual of my Moms body that enhanced my immense pain. In time, I made my trauma my strength. I hold her up proud now, I won’t hide my story. She was a#Veteranwith PTSD and lost her life to mental illness. This piece represents not hiding in the shame shadows of my story. Also, the realization that sharing helps others with the trauma they carry on their shoulders. Getting hands on with this piece helped me heal in ways I wasn’t expecting. It’s just incredible how healing art is. Art has saved me time & time again and I want to share that healing with others. When people like myself experience a tragic loss you often see them wanting to turn that tragedy into something positive. I feel the same way, and I’m working towards creating a therapeutic art class in Denver. I think people will really enjoy it, very different from anything you’ve seen. No art skills required either! ✨🤗🥰#ArtHeals

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