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Rebecca Barra is a multi-media artist who creates art in a wide variety of mediums that reflect her soul. Upon talking to her you would never expect the amount of pain she’s endured and conquered. Her art and humor shine as bright as her heart.  


Her formative years were filled with love and laughter. Her mom and grandparents raised her under the same roof. Her grandfather was an artist, professional antique restorer, and a huge inspiration. Her current series Translating For Trees is a direct reflection of her life growing up surrounded by wood and the generations of wood working ancestors pulsing through her veins.


Eventually she ended up living in a homeless shelter with her mom for 8 months during her senior year in high school. Living in the shelter was so life- changing that it inspired her to work in a homeless shelter for children for 9 years. She healed herself and countless youth with art, nature walks and an authentic, understanding heart.


She once again was forever changed by a horrific tragedy three years ago. Her mother went missing and then her body was found a year later. Her mom was a veteran with PTSD. Because of this experience Rebecca has big dreams to help in the realms of mental health. She wants to share what she’s learned while healing in Colorado. She is now providing a Pareidolia Therapeutic Art Class in Denver, Colorado click here for more details


Due to the heartfelt audience reception of her piece Ethereal, she has realized just how important sharing her story is. She has discovered that by not hiding in the shame shadows of her story, she has the potential to deeply help others. She explains how the wood grain and paint depict a visual rendition of her mother’s untimely passing here.


Since pursuing being a professional artist, she’s had several gallery shows in New York and Denver and her work was published in a best-selling book. She painted hundreds of portraits on autographed baseballs for Steiner Sports and made custom portraits for celebrities.

“I believe that trees have souls and record information while they are growing. I also believe trees, nature and spirits have something to say and I act as a creative channel to help tell their story.“ —Rebecca Barra

Watercolor Stain
Watercolor Stain
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