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Artist Statement:

For me creating art is a mind and body meditation. I enter a pareidolia flow state guided by tranquil music and my childlike wonder.

My current series Translating For Trees is an exploration into my belief that trees have souls and record information in their grain. 

I reveal the trees’ human and environmental messages with paint. As a creative channel, I translate the books of the eARTh. What is difficult to say in words comes through with movement in my paint brush. I’m painting intuitively as I surrender to the surprises that lie ahead. 

I believe that the creative process is an encounter with the unknown, opening a door to new ways of seeing.

Maintaining an open mind leads me into new territory. Throughout it all, I am one with the discovery process and the beauty of the outcome. I’m painting instinctively and emotionally. The entire experience is beyond therapeutic. Painting truly is how I speak from my soul. Art has saved my life time and time again. At this point in my life I feel it’s my purpose to spread healing with art. Read my full mission here.

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