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Soul Treasures

This piece is near and dear to my heart. It represents my journey. From being locked up and closed like a treasure chest, to my immense pain exploding into creativity, healing and beauty. Realizing the trauma makes up pieces of my soul that have made me strong, intuitive and grateful. 
It has shells I’ve collected with my Mom at the beach. It also has trinkets that belonged to my Grandfather. The crystal also has healing properties. This piece can sit on a table like a sculpture or be hung on the wall and appear to be dripping down, defying gravity.

These two are friends that live in a magical forest in another realm. They represent childhood imagination. They are filled with stones that have healing properties. Hand carved & painted to enhance their natural gnarly wood beauty. Will Da’Beast is a little house plant you don’t have to water, reaching up for sun and a hug. Finding my child like wonder in these was therapeutic. It’s true that I form attachments to my art, these two are no exception!

Hourglass  Decomposition

The wood on top is a female body decomposing. The bottom piece appears fragile in comparison, not strong enough to support the body. A representation of me holding up the severe trauma of losing my Mom that weighed me down. She was missing for a year and then found in an abandoned house. The detectives gave me an unnecessary visual of my Moms body that enhanced my immense anguish. In time, I made my trauma my strength. I hold her up proud now, I won’t hide my story. She was a Veteran with PTSD and lost her life to mental illness. This piece represents not hiding in the shame shadows of my story. Also, the realization that sharing helps others with the trauma they carry on their shoulders. 

Child Like Wonder, Forever.

This piece is composed of antique furniture pieces found in my Grandfathers shop. It represents me finding healing in Colorado and getting lost in my child like wonder. Swinging above it all in my own little creative world where I’m safe and cozy. 

Birds Eye View

I painted a speaker as the eye. This is meant to hang on a wall. Birds fly above us and see our world in their own unique perspective. I had fun editing these sculptures into more surreal pieces. I took them to Red Rocks CO to do a photoshoot.