Pareidolia Art Therapy

Pareidolia: a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in random or ambiguous visuals. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics or animals to objects and shapes.


In my current series Translating For Trees I use a healing pareidolia art technique. I enhance the wood grain to reveal messages in the books of the eARTh. My dream is to become self sustaining with my art, so that I can volunteer and help others. Art has saved my life time and time again. At this point in my life I feel it’s my purpose to spread that healing through Pareidolia Art Therapy.


Why do I feel this is my purpose? First, I lived in a homeless shelter with my Mom in my senior year in high school for 8 months. Drawing everyday got me through it. This experience was so life changing that it inspired me to work at a homeless shelter. At 21 years old after college, I started working at a homeless shelter for kids. I loved my job. I worked there for 9 years until it was shut down for lack of funding. While I was there I healed myself and countless youth with art, nature walks and an authentic, understanding heart.


Second, my dear sweet Mama, a Veteran with PTSD, went missing four years ago. Her body was found in an abandoned house 10 months later. This loss was the most horrific experience of my life. I’ve been healing in Colorado for 3 years and getting clearer on what my path is. Because of this experience, I have the desire to help others. I have the opportunity to volunteer at a non-profit horse ranch that does horse therapy. They work with, underprivileged kids, veterans and kids who have lost a parent to mental illness. They invited me to teach my Pareidolia art class. This is literally the perfect fit, and I'm so excited to move forward.


To volunteer on a regular basis, I need more income. I have a new plan that I’m pursuing in the digital art world that will enable me to do this. I made a branded social media account to strive for this professionally.


I ask that you follow @Translating_For_Trees on instagram to support this dream. Follows, likes and comments help artists like myself dearly. My goal is to support myself with art, so that I can support others with art. 


Below you can see some examples of what the class entails. I did a mini photo shoot with each of these classes.