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A Therapeutic Pareidolia Art Class 

Pareidolia: a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in random or ambiguous visuals. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics or animals to objects and shapes.

In my current series Translating For Trees I use a healing pareidolia art technique. I enhance the wood grain to reveal messages in the books of the eARTh.
At this point in my life I feel it’s my purpose to spread that healing through my Pareidolia Art Class. I love the fact that right or left brained people can do this because we are all innately born with this gift. 
People who take my class will choose from several pareidolia prints that they see faces in. Then pick from an array of paint pens, markers, and colored pencils. Furthermore, we color, draw and enjoy child like wonder together! I will provide tips and directions whilst playing psychedelic music-in hopes of sending you into flow state. Flow state is a magical place where ideas come flowing, time doesn’t exist and realizations occur. I hope to see you there!
I’m working towards volunteering my Pareidolia Art Class with underprivileged groups <3 This technique has helped me greatly, sharing flow state with people who might not have that space, makes my heart happy <3
Book Your Private Art Class Experience via AirBNB, in Denver Colorado :)
Or Take my class at The Denver Art Society, in Denver, Every Fourth Friday!
Below you can see some examples of what the class entails. 
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