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The class I provide is based in a natural phenomenon that happens in our brains called pareidolia. Which is when we see perceived images of animals or faces in objects or cloud formations. I create this imagery in prints that people can then enhance with paint pens, markers etc. This is my favorite type of art to create. It has helped me heal immensely. This type of art is so freeing because there isn’t pressure to be perfect. It’s all through one’s own imagination. I also play very beautiful soothing music that helps enhance flow state and visuals. 

I will provide 6 different images for you to choose from. Once you pick the one that inspires you, you will enhance the faces you see in the designs. Designs in nature, trees, wood grain and paint. I have all kinds of fun paint pens & markers! We will sit on my cozy couch with a lap desk and tranquil music on and drift away.

Second option, let me make art out of yoU. As seen in these psychedelic pictures below! My place is very artsy with plenty of options for creative pictures. Or we could meet outside, I’m close to RiNo & City Park.

I will wear a mask and clean everything thoroughly before you come over.

One or two people max to respect social distancing. The second person would be if you book your friend or lover. I will not book a second person you don’t know. 

E-Mail me, let’s set something up!

Nothing would make me happier then to share the therapeutic joy of creating art with you! I know a lot of people are in need of an experience to lift their soul.

I could also come to you & book more people if you have the space or a back yard. 

Sending you all ℓσνє 

Alina's Color.Rad.o Experience

Molly's Color.Rad.o Experience

Meg's Color.Rad.o Experience

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