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Soul Treasures

It’s been awhile since I posted. I hope you’re all well. I’ve been going through some struggles, between a back injury & PTSD. The PTSD is related to summer because my dear Mama went missing 3 summers ago. I’m opening up about this because I didn’t know that PTSD can be triggered by time periods that you have experienced traumatic events. It’s helpful to know why & where it comes from.

Art has helped me heal once again, and I made 6 wooden sculptures that all have deep reflective meanings. I was invited to be in The National Fine Art Show at the Louisville Art Association. My Colorado✨ people are welcome to go see my work and art from all over the country. Tomorrow September 2nd through next Monday the 7th. All info & times are on the flyer in this post.

"Ѕσυℓ Тяєαѕυяєѕ" 💎

This piece is near and dear to my heart. It represents my journey. From being locked up and closed like a treasure chest, to my immense pain exploding into creativity, healing and beauty. Realizing the trauma makes up pieces of my soul that have made me strong, intuitive and grateful.

It has shells I’ve collected with my Mom at the beach. It also has trinkets that belonged to my Grandfather. The crystal also has healing properties. This piece can sit on a table like a sculpture or be hung on the wall and appear to be dripping down, defying gravity.

Sending you all ℓσνє!

Look at the sculpture section to see more images of this piece.


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