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For The Record

This show was at Spectra Art Space. It was called for the record and all the art was made from Records, CD's and tapes. I made these pieces with those items and added my own art, photos, and items as well.

"Reflections Changing In Time" is made with CDs and Tapes. Also change coins from the 1990's hold the clock hands to the CDs.

"Your Great Escape" is a record cut up with a photograph I took in an abandoned insane asylum coming out.

"High On Your Love" is a record I cut up and added my own images to.

I love being given a task that inspires me to create new work. I also love making art out of materials that would essentially become pollution.

The week this show was happening I documented everything going on in my life. You can see it all and the "For The Record" show at the end of the video bellow. :)

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