• RebeccaBarra

🕰The BioLOGICal Clock 🕰

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Women in this #generation have kids later and need to be reminded that it’s not too late! We live in a different generation, it’s #not a failure. Don’t rush. You’ve needed to #grow and #change to this point, and #learn what you have.

The driftwood coming out as the head represents how much my #mind & #soul have grown and how strong I am. The #bird escaping the cage is me escaping #NewYork. The flower #clock is at 3pm to represent being in my 30's. The flower also represents a woman’s #fertility and the #heart and key belong to the man I will #create my #future #child with. The #antique piece down the stomach belonged to my #Grandpa . It’s over 100 years old. It represents my #ancestors and all the amazing humans and DNA I have flowing through me. In between that and her chest is a wood circle with a piece of my #grandma ‘s jewelry. It represents my soul shining out of me which was very much shaped by her and her immense #strength. In between her breasts are dresser handles from my childhood. They represent the drawer I will be opening once I have a child and the piece of my #mom I’m excited to get back.

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