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🕰The BioLOGICal Clock 🕰

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Women in this generation have kids later and I feel need to be reminded that it’s not too late. We live in a different generation, it’s not a failure. Don’t rush, you’ve needed to grow and change to this point, and learn what you have. Also some women do not want to have children and shouldn't be judged because of that. Its not our only mission as human beings. Stop asking women when they will have kids, its a personal topic.

The driftwood coming out as the head represents how much my mind & soul have grown and how strong I am. The bird escaping the cage is me escaping New York. The flower clock is on 3pm to represent being in my 30s. The flower also represents a woman’s fertility. The antique piece down the stomach belonged to my Grandpa. It’s over 100 years old. It represents my ancestors , & all the amazing humans & DNA I have in flowing through me. In between that and her chest is a wood circle with a piece of my Grandma‘s jewelry. It represents my soul shinning out of me which was very much shaped by her and her immense strength. In between her breasts are dresser handles from my childhood.

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