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"Thing(s) Of Beauty"

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

This show "Thing(s) Of Beauty" I was in at the Bitfactory Gallery in Denver, was amazing! Such an incredible time! Awesome people sharing their beautiful thoughts and compliments on my work. They told me they never saw anything like them. Some wanted to know how I do my techniques. I told them once I put my family name on them I will tell all my secrets! Hehehe! Seriously creating makes my soul smile. I want nothing more then to do this everyday and help others along the way. Prints in all sizes are now available. Inquire with Bitfactory Gallery in Denver or myself. Most of these images were taken in an abandoned places. There is nothing more poetically beautiful than nature finding a way to grow through anything, even through cracks in cement. One is named "Always seeing the Beauty in the abandoned" which I relate to on levels most people wouldn't understand. Beauty truly is everywhere but not everyone can see it. "Beautifully Broken" is another powerful image that is true for people as well. Some of the most beautiful souls have the most scars. I'm feeling the need to go in some abandoned places in CO! All these photos were taken in NY. #RebeccaBarra #ColcoradoArtist #Colorado #artGallery #Bitfactory #surreal #denver #artist #ThingsOfBeauty

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