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Translating for Trees

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

This wood grain design displaying here happens when the tree dies. It shows the beauty and comple

xities of death. The symmetry in the wood shows reflections of worldly things we know and see in everyday life, showing we are all from the same patterns. I believe trees have souls and record information while they are growing. I also believe trees, nature and spirits have something to say. Currently I am focussed on what the trees are trying to teach us, warn us about, and lead us towards through interpreting their messages. This series examines important messages in wood grain. I enhance these narratives with paint, essentially reading letters from the earth. I am a creative channel to help tell their stories. My goal is to read trees from all over the world.

Ultimately what links us all is that we live on this beautiful floating rock that needs our help. Every country needs more environmental awareness, so this planet can thrive and survive. This series creates an interesting and exciting way to open up conversations.  Using my gift to give back is my passion, priority and purpose. I am interested in the interweaving of personal and global stories as discovered through the trees. 

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