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I won first place with “My love could find you in the dark”

I had one week to finish this mannequin and almost wasn’t able to. But I made it happen because I #ALWAYS find a way. This was a contest for the #Denver #marathon coming up. Ironically this was also an art #race and I and I won first place🎉💥🥇! I was surprised when they called me on stage and grateful that all my hard work paid off💪🏼🥰! (I lived in the shed in these photos basically 😆)


Every time I create and complete a project I am reminded how much joy it brings me. It helps me heal and rejuvenates my soul. That is something I want to spread to others that need healing #ArtHeals 🥀🌹


This is called “My love could find you in the dark” because through completion I realized it was subconsciously an expression about loosing my Mom. I miss her dearly and I am comforted to still feel love from her in signs, songs and moments that can’t be coincidence 💕🌺🕊✨


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